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Monday – Friday: 7:30am – 5:30pm

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Sky Rota: The Coolest 10-Year-Old Blogger We Know


In the early fall, we wrote about luxury car dealerships, and that post caught the eye of another blogger who is a fan of one of the dealerships that made our list. That blogger, an exotic car enthusiast, who also happens to be in the fifth grade, reached out to us.

That’s how we became acquainted with Sky Rota of Sky blogs about supercars, trips to dealerships to meet the people who sell these cars, and occasionally what life is like for a 10-year-old.

Most of all, Sky has an inspirational story, but we’ll let him tell that.

Last month we reached out to Sky to learn more about his world. Below is an interview with him, but first we wanted to give Sky the floor so he could introduce himself:
Sky: My name is Sky Rota. I am 10 years old and in 5th grade. I live with my family and my pets in New Jersey.

I love to play basketball and baseball, I am an inventor, I design prototypes to make people’s lives easier.

Most of all, I am an exotic car expert.

On the weekends, I visit car dealerships and check out the newest models of luxury cars and make friends with the dealers. The dealerships I have visited have been wonderful to me.

I even got to visit famous Bugatti showroom in London. I write about all these experiences on my blog.

I started my blog in third grade, before I found out I was dyslexic. My sisters built my blog for my birthday. They gave me a place where I could share my interest without getting made fun of for spelling words the “wrong” way.

Since I was diagnosed with with dyslexia last year, it has become more important to me to show people what its like to go through school with a learning disability.

I attend a school for kids with learning differences. Even though I am not good at reading and spelling. I have a lot of strengths. I am an athlete, and an actor. I love talking to people to learn and share new information, so recently I started my own YouTube Channel vlog, SkysCars.

In my video visits, I take my viewers on fun, detailed tours of the exteriors and interiors of fast exotic cars like Lamborghini Aventadors, Rolls-Royces, Bugattis, Bentleys and more, from a kid’s point of view. Come on over to my blog and YouTube channel, and I’ll show you how its done, “Sky-Style.”

See what we mean!? OK, here’s our interview with Sky:

Independent Motors: How did you first get into exotic cars?

Sky Rota: The first car I fell in love with was my Dad’s Mercedes SL65 AMG. I used to play in it and make the convertible roof go up and down. My Dad bought a special car seat for it so I could sit in the front seat. Now I am too big for the car seat but too small to sit in front seat, so I am not allowed to go for rides in it anymore. That is how I started my journey of looking for exotic cars with back seats. I don’t have a favorite car. There are so many amazing cars out there, I can’t pick just one.
IM: Tell us about someone in your life you look up to.

Sky: Frank Kerbeck is my Idol. F.C. Kerbeck in Palmyra, NJ, was the first dealership I visited.

I wanted to take pictures and sit in his magnificent luxury exotic cars. I was on a mission, and Frank gave me the best day of my life. He let me sit in any car in his showroom. Then, he let my Mom drive his Rolls-Royce Ghost while he and I sat in the back seat. It was the greatest experience ever.
IM: What have you learned about yourself since you began blogging?

Sky: Well, first I have to tell you that I have dyslexia. I am not great at anything that has to do with school work. I am not the best reader or speller. When I blog, none of that matters. This is my own space, I don’t have to worry about getting graded on it, and I can talk about all the things that interest me. I have learned that even though I have a learning difference at school, I can still express myself on my blog and my YouTube channel. I have many strengths, and I try to focus on the things I can do rather than things I can’t do.
IM: What tips do you have for anyone else out there who might want to start a blog?

Sky: Go for it. If there is something that is interesting to you and you want to share it with the world, then a blog is a great place.
IM: Finally, we have to ask a football questions because we know that you are an Eagles fan. What are your predictions for this season? Who wins the Super Bowl?

Sky: The Eagles are going to make it to the playoffs. I think the Arizona Cardinals are going to win. Sorry Eagles.​