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14 Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Car Lovers

14 Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Car Lovers

A nationwide poll found that cars are one of Americans’ top three possessions. While 21% of respondents listed their vehicles as their most important possession, 29% listed their homes, and 43% listed as their most important possession… their photographs.


Everyone of course values their personal items differently. Houses and cars were listed as the top possessions of men, with photos in third; for women, photographs were in the first slot, with jewelry in second, followed by homes and cars.


For anyone you know who is in the “car lover” category, you can find a great holiday gift that suits their passion. Here are 14 ideas (and please note that any products listed are not endorsements but mentions of products recommended elsewhere):


Smartphone dash mount


Every day, 9 Americans die and more than 1000 are injured in collisions believed to result from distracted driving (any driving that involves attention being taken away from the road, which often involves a cellphone).


A mount for the phone of the car lover in your life will protect them from a crash while also safeguarding them from tickets related to phone use.


Key finder


Car keys are easy to misplace, and it can be costly to get new key fobs if you can’t find them quickly. They are often over $100 to replace.


A key fob is an especially great gift for a car lover you know who is not particularly organized. This device is run through a smartphone app that tracks a Bluetooth locator hooked to a key ring. If you have not seen one of these, it may remind you of Find My iPhone or Find My Device for locating the phone itself.


You can actually track any personal item in this manner. You can use the system as a sort of insurance against misplacement of your backpack, purse, or laptop bag; an important book or binder; etc. Three of the most popular brands for this item are Tile, Orbit, and Trackr.


Portable air compressor


Tire pressure is key to a smooth, safe, high-performance drive – so help your car lover with a mini air compressor / portable tire inflator.


A tire inflator can go beyond just allowing you to refill the air. They also often feature hazard lights or LED lights for better nighttime and storm roadway visibility.


You can get a cordless version that you can plug in to charge, with a similar battery setup to that of a cordless drill. You may be able to charge it through your car’s cigarette lighter as well.


Beyond use with the car tires, you can also use these tools to add air to air mattresses, sports balls, and bicycle tires.


Build-your-own internal combustion engine


According to Roadtrippers, visible V-8 engines are not as high-quality as what you can find in a four-cycle or four-stroke engine. This engine is built with transparent parts so that you can show children (and car-loving adults) exactly what is involved with internal combustion. Roadtrippers suggests the Haynes brand.


Snow removal items


When it snows in Boulder, you need something with which to clear the elements off of the car. The ice scraper is usually a standard item – but you can get ones that are more or less functional. Business Insider recommended three products along these lines last month: the Primary Automotive Rocky Mountain Ice Scraper, the SnoBrum Original Snow Removal Tool, and the Dragon Squama Ice Scraper Mitt. The first item is backed by a ten-year guarantee. The second is for the initial process of getting snow drifts off your car without having to use your hands, and without causing paint or glass damage. The third combines a mitten with the scraper so that you can get to work on the car whether your gloves are handy or not.


Car shift gear cufflinks


Nothing says “automotive enthusiast” like a pair of cufflinks with a gear-shifting diagram on them. Roadtrippers notes that people who spend time in a garage or otherwise appreciate cars might want to flaunt it subtly when they are out on the town. Everyone will immediately spot a car lover when they see these cuff links. If the gear-shifting theme is not appealing, a similar option is ones featuring a speedometer.


Dash camera


This gift is one of the more functional and practical items, a really smart tool to have on your car.


Worldwide, the Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT) estimates that there are 1.3 million fatalities related to auto collisions annually – about 3287 daily. Another 20-50 million people become injured or disabled each year because of car accidents. These statistics are devastating, but they are not going to stop us from driving. If we are the victim of an accident, we may need evidence to recover medical and other expenses.


That is when a dash cam can come in extremely useful. By having clear footage of what happened, the camera can make the insurance and legal issue simple so you can focus on recovery to peak health. Business Insider suggests the TOGUARD Mini Dash Cam.


Die cast model


A car model can be a great way to go when someone does not yet have the means to build their own real car. Interacting with the car in this way teaches how the car is arranged as you assemble and display it.


Driving gloves


You can get driving gloves that will help you maintain body warmth while keeping a strong grip on the wheel. If you have a leather steering wheel or similar, the gloves will also help you heep your body oil and dirt from smudging and discoloring it. Business Insider suggests the Riparo Reverse Stitched Leather Driving Gloves.


Inflatable car mattresses


This may sound bizarre, but sleeping in your car does not have to be uncomfortable. You can use these mattresses in the back seat of a car or bed of a pickup. Some models will even double as couches.


Jump starter


Your car lover will not be able to make much use of those jumper cables in their trunk if they do not have access to another person and the power of their car. Portable jump starters allow you self-reliance in terms of starting the car – which is also much easier than getting a second car into a tight spot. The version suggested by Business Insider is the DBpower 600A Peak 18,000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter, which additionally can be used as a battery pack and flashlight.


Tool kit


Car guys need high-quality tools if they want to be able to do some work on their own cars. If your car lover is someone who wants to get under the hood themselves, they could use a sturdy and guaranteed mechanic toolkit. Craftsman is a popular brand.


Slot car race track


Anyone who has affection for cars probably started to like them well before they could drive them. One cross-generational way to have fun with automobiles is a slot car track such as the Carrera GO!!! GT Contest Slot Car Track.


The gift of honesty


Whether you would consider yourself a “car lover” or not, you undoubtedly care about your car as a possession. Assuming you want some help with repair and maintenance, you need a trusted relationship with a mechanic. At Independent Motors, we believe great service starts with open, honest communication. Meet our staff.