25 Classic Car Clubs Gearheads West of the Mississippi Should Check Out

25 Classic Car Clubs Gearheads West of the Mississippi Should Check Out
When it comes to cars, America knows how to come together and celebrate a shared passion. And when it comes to classic cars, clubs west of the Mississippi really know how it’s done. From street rods to Model Ts, these 25 classic car clubs have got you covered.

The Big Clubs

These clubs and associations are massive hubs for regional chapters around the country, and even the world. They are great references for finding authentic, active clubs in your area.

Antique Automobile Club of America // Facebook

With more than 50,000 members, the AACA boasts more than 400 regions and chapters, making it the largest antique car club in the world. Its membership information makes it easy to find your local chapter and sign up!

Classic Car Club of America // Facebook

Their more than 5,600 members worldwide, whom the CCCA considers the heart of the club, truly love to celebrate classic cars. Find a club near you, as they offer a dozen regions west of the Mississippi.

Veteran Motor Car Club of America // Facebook

In this club, the veterans are the cars, not the people. And they don’t just preserve their vehicles; they encourage them to be driven!

The WPC Club // Facebook

The world’s largest Mopar club, WPC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Chrysler products. While open to all Mopar vehicle years, the majority of the cars are vintage, and the club spends much of its time paying homage to classic Chrysler models. They have regions throughout the Western US, including in Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin and Washington.

Make-Specific Clubs

25 Classic Car Clubs Gearheads West of the Mississippi Should Check Out
These clubs require a specific make or model of vehicle for membership.

Midnight Sun Street Rod Association // Facebook

Based in Anchorage, Alaska, the MSSRA celebrates street rod culture among fellow enthusiasts through car shows and membership.

Relics and Rods // Twitter: @RelicsandRods

On the border of California and Arizona, the nonprofit Relics and Rods supports its community through annual rides and car shows.

Spokane Model T Club // Facebook

A chapter of the Model T Ford Club of America, the Spokane MTC currently brings together owners of 162 Model Ts.

Early Bronco Registry // Facebook

Dedicated to the restoration and celebration of early Broncos, this club is based out of California and has monthly meetings and events.

Minnesota Street Rod Association // Facebook

The MSRA unites street rod enthusiasts and promotes the activity as safe family fun in the state of Minnesota.

Mid-America Chevelle Club // Facebook

Open to stock, modified and custom 1964-1987 Chevelles and El Caminos, this club is all about uniting those who enjoy and preserve these popular cars.

Mopar Muscle Club of New Mexico // Facebook

While they accept new vehicles, the majority of the Mopar Muscle Club of New Mexico cars are older, going all the way back to the 30s.

United Street Rods of Idaho // Facebook

Preserving the street rod hobby interest in Idaho, the USRI focuses on legislative and political entities to protect and expand the sport.

Northwest Datsun Enthusiasts // Facebook

Based in Seattle, the NWDE is the Pacific Northwest’s premier club for Datsun and Nissan enjoyment and preservation.

West Houston Muscle // Twitter: @TheWHM

While this club provides a haven for all auto enthusiasts — from old cars to new — their membership collection of classic muscle cars never disappoints.

General Clubs

These car clubs allow all makes and models, as long as they’re classics.

Oil Capital Auto Club of Wyoming // Facebook

Formed in 1954 as the Horseless Carriage Club, it’s now a nonprofit that contributes to charities and has created a scholarship for veterans.

Waukesha Old Car Club // Facebook

This Wisconsin club brings together auto enthusiasts and attracts more than a thousand people at their events, helping to support their community and hobby.

The Vintage Car Club of Castle Rock // Facebook

This Colorado car club is much like a family, welcoming loved ones of members to their monthly dinners and events — all in support of classic cars.

Valley Vintage Car Club // Facebook

With more than 170 members, this North Dakota club is dedicated to the admiration and restoration of antique and vintage rides.

Pioneer Car Club // Facebook

The Pioneer Club is known for having fun, but they serve their members and community while they have it!

Rebels Auto Club // Facebook

The home of high performance in Nebraska, the Rebels accept all makes, models and conditions as a way to show passion for classic cars.

Door Slammers Car Club // Facebook

Based in Tucson, Arizona, Door Slammers members enjoy helping others through car shows and sharing their classic car passion.

Girls-Only Clubs

25 Classic Car Clubs Gearheads West of the Mississippi Should Check Out
No boys allowed in these car clubs!

Lady Luck Car Club // Facebook

This California pre-’69 car club accepts ladies who own their cars and know what’s going on under the hood.

Miss Shifters Car Club // Facebook

This Washington-based club is for women who love cars — cars that are 1979 models and older, that is.

Hell’s Belle’s Car Club // Facebook

With three chapters along the west coast, this all-girl club is for those who truly love classic cars and the culture that goes with it.

Gasoline Girls // Facebook

A motor club out of Southern California, these girls have one thing in common — things with gasoline!

With thousands of car clubs across the nation, this list is just a taste of what the West has to offer classic car enthusiasts. Whether you love certain makes and models, specific vehicle eras or the people who share your passion, there’s a car club for you. So gas up, get behind the wheel, and get ready to join a club or visit a show!


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