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As part of the Volkswagen Group, Audi has manufactured cars for more than 100 years. As impressive as the number of models offered by Audi, the company’s continued evolution and advancements in engineering and design are even more so. But even an Audi needs tome TLC every once in a while…and that’s where we come in to make sure your vehicle is running at optimal performance.

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Audis are cars made — and driven — by car lovers. The Audi slogan, “Truth in Engineering,” isn’t just a marketing line. Audis are light, efficient vehicles with innovative and intelligent technology that anticipates the needs of the driver.

It was nearly 35 years ago the Audi Quattro became the first permanent all-wheel drive system designed for passenger vehicles. This system is tailored to the specific vehicle it’s on, so high-performance Audi models have a different Quattro than SUVs, for example. The result of uniquely fitting the all-wheel drive system to the vehicle’s intended purpose is enhanced performance as well as traction benefits.

Audi Innovation

Audi innovation goes beyond performance and safety. There’s the unmistakable look of an Audi exterior, for instance, with touches like the signature single-frame grille and distinctive LED daytime running lights and headlights that make a styling statement while being fully functional.

From its lightweight, less-is-more construction to a variety of intuitive operating systems for everything from navigation, parking assistance and entertainment, Audi continues to improve using advanced technology, engineering and design.

1. Sedans

From the classic Audi A3 to the A8 and everything in between, one of Audi’s biggest sellers is its line of sedans. Recent Audi A3 models are streamlined yet include plenty of room for passengers. While these are considered luxury compact cars, they continue to remain a reasonably affordable option for the average consumer.

Audi has collected awards regularly for its line of sedans, including a Top Safety Pick from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). With the vehicle’s included Quattro all-wheel drive system, it’s no wonder the A3 is lauded for safety.

Of course, Audi sedans are known for their speed (some of the 2016 models feature 170 horsepower and a 1.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine) and their memorable looks, including leather trim, tinted glass, silver accents and a sunroof.

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2. SUVs

Go further with more space for passengers or equipment with an Audi SUV. One of the most popular models models is the Q7, which is known for its roominess. Recent models can accommodate up to seven passengers.

The Q7 has also won awards for safety from IIHS. Some of the basic safety features included with a 2017 Q7 are seatbelt reminders; anti-theft alarms; off-roading-friendly Electronic Stability Control (ESC); power braking; and sideguard head-curtain, front thorax side and dual-stage airbags.

This vehicle is visually appealing, too. Recent Q7s boast rear privacy glass, aluminum roof rails and optic trim, LED tail lights and the automaker’s trademark single-frame grille. The Quattro all-wheel drive system is also included with this car.

3. Crossovers and Wagons

Audi crossovers and wagons such as the Audi Q3, the Audi Q5, the Audi Q5 hybrid and the Audi SQ5 are ideal cars for those who want something smaller than an SUV but still need passenger room. In fact, a 2016 SQ5 features rear seats that can be folded up three ways and front seats with 12 different adjustment settings. That gives the driver plenty of options when reconfiguring their Audi for more towing room.

The SQ5 in particular is modeled after the beloved Audi S and includes a familiar rear tailgate spoiler, aluminum-optic twin blades, extended side sills and a platinum single-frame grille.

Continuing Audi’s long legacy of safety, its crossovers and wagons have received accolades from the IIHS for integrated safety features such as tire pressure monitoring, anti-theft protection, ESC and multiple airbags for the front passenger and the driver.

Audi Repair in Boulder, CO

Audi Repair

4. Coupes, Convertibles and Sports Cars

Road-ready, Audi sports cars are great for far more than speeding along a race track. These vehicles make an ideal choice for the car aficionado who lives life off the beaten path. The R8 in particular has a striking profile, with an engine compartment that’s designed to be seen (it even includes LEDs). That, combined with the familiar single-frame grille, makes this a powerhouse in looks alone.

With a 540-horsepower V10, the R8 is made for speed, having clocked nearly 200 mph on racetracks in the past. In fact, the Audi R8 received the World Car Awards title of best world performance car in 2016.

Recent models of most Audi sports cars come equipped with the Audi virtual cockpit for a safer and smoother driving experience. With this cockpit, drivers can toggle between maps, weather, music and other entertainment. It’s also possible to make calls and request car diagnostics right on the screen.

Coupes such as the A5, the Audi TT and the Audi TTS are fan favorites. The manufacturer’s convertibles — like the Audi S5 Cabriolet and the Audi TTS Roadster and the Audi R8 Spyder — are also distinctive vehicles.

Audi coupes and convertibles also boast Quattro all-wheel drive, the single-frame grille and award-winning safety features.

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