Flip That Beater: 25 Auto Recyclers in Colorado To Take Your Old Car

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Most of us want to contribute to our planet’s health. However, that desire sometimes runs headlong into circumstance, especially when you’ve got an old car in the garage that’s on its last legs and headed for the scrap heap.

There are more than a few people in Colorado and nearby states — Arizona, Utah and Wyoming, specifically — that will strip your old beater of parts, then recycle the metal (and sometimes the tires). Some are even happy to pay you for the experience. We’ve gathered up 25 of the best resources for finding these automotive recyclers.



Stadium Auto Parts

Stadium Auto Parts in Denver will take more than just your car. The team also accepts remanufactured parts, freon, batteries, antifreeze, tires, fluids, non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals and oils. The company’s website explains what happens to those vehicle fluids once they’re drained: Waste oil heaters torch leftover oils, car owners are sold leftover antifreeze, batteries can be recycled or resold, and freon is also sold.


Colorado Automotive Recyclers

The Colorado Automotive Recyclers Association, or CAR, works statewide to keep old cars out of our state’s landfills. Members of CAR receive benefits such as access to online salvage auctions, chances to purchase parts, and even training and education seminars about the process of recycling cars.


Iron and Metals, Inc.

In Denver, you’ll find Iron and Metals, Inc., a company whose team includes a scale operator, a metals buyer and a yard foreman. The business has up to 22 acres of space to store discarded vehicles, and scales that can handle the weight of a truck so that you can quickly figure out the value of your car. Iron and Metals, Inc. also takes parts such as transmissions, radiators, catalytic converters and aluminum wheels.


A And A Auto Recycling

Serving both Boulder and Denver, A And A Auto Recycling notes that there are plenty of reasons why you don’t want to keep an old car that won’t start sitting around on your property. It takes away from the overall appearance of your house, it can damage and stifle grass, and it hogs your driveway. Luckily, A And A doesn’t discriminate about which vehicles it will buy from you — damaged or undamaged cars, vehicles with or without titles, dead junkers and even trucks and vans are fair game.


Colorado Junk Cars

Colorado Junk Cars, just off north of Denver, will also take your SUV or truck and recycle it, letting you pick up a little extra money along the way. The company’s website has a page that clearly explains all parts of the removal and recycling process for first-timers in the Denver metro area, which includes Thornton, Golden and Littleton. You can get a quote right away to figure out how much that your vehicle could be worth, and sooner than later it will be out of your garage, at last.


Bonnie’s Car Crushers

Bonnie’s Car Crushers down in Perose has 70-foot scales that can weigh vehicular scrap metal. Feel free to bring your metal siding, grills, bikes, lawn mowers and other appliances with you to make even more money (there is even a lottery for customers who bring in $70-plus worth of scrap metal). Note that Bonnie’s Car Crushers does not take tires, though a few other companies on this list do. If you have too much to carry with you, ask about getting your scraps transported to the crushing grounds.

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American Iron & Metal

Since 1981, American Iron & Metal in Pueblo has prided itself on “giving new life to tons of old cars, creating piles of conserved energy & resources, keeping heaps of metal out of landfills and putting scrap metal in its place: back to use.” You can sell your raw materials, scrap metal, cars and industrial scrap metal here. It’s easy to request a quote from American Iron & Metal, and your car will be towed away free of charge.


Denver Scrap Metal Recycling

At Denver Scrap Metal Recycling, you can donate your vehicle if it’s in running order (and get a tax write-off for the good deed, too). Denver Scrap Metal recycling accepts scraps from cans to cars, and the team can send a tow truck to your home any day of the week to pick up your car.


Aragon Iron & Metal Corp

Fort Collins family business Aragon Iron & Metal Corp will recycle almost anything you have to give, including old lawn furniture, aluminum items, metal items, batteries and even household cooking items. Your tires and your car’s body can both get new lives when Aragon buys the vehicle back from you. If the car is in good enough condition, not only is there a monetary reward for you, but it could be sold to other drivers in need.


Green Zone Recycling

Those of you in Western Colorado can take your old vehicles over to Green Zone Recycling in Garfield County. Here, you can get rid of drained car pistons, alternators, starters, radiators, catalytic converters, car batteries, steel wheels, engine blocks, aluminum or copper wires, and non-ferrous and ferrous metals. Make sure to keep your liquids, oils and tires at home, though. As long as you have proof of identification on you (preferably a driver’s license), you can get money in exchange for these parts.


Wise Recycling

With locations scattered across the country, including four in Colorado, Wise Recycling takes industrial, commercial and individual items and renews them on its grounds. If your car has damaged or broken wheels, radiators, insulated copper wire, batteries, wheel weights or steel surfaces, you can sell them here for a profit. If you have other items lying around the house that are made of steel, zinc, lead, copper, brass or aluminum, chances are you can dump these, too.


Colorado Industrial Recycling

With more than 100 clients to its name, Colorado Industrial Recycling has plenty of places where it can transport your discarded vehicle. The company has a strong desire to go green and to meet and even surpass EPA and industry standards. Just make sure to drain any liquids from your car parts before you make some money on that old clunker.

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United Recyclers Group (URG)

“By recyclers, for recyclers” is how the United Recyclers Group describes itself. This group has a far span, serving up to 525 areas in both Canada and the United States, including Arizona. You can join URG to gain access to its partner discounts, training resources and business tools.


USA Junk Removal

Based in Tempe, USA Junk Removal specializes in auto wrecking, auto recycling and auto salvage. The company will take your car even if it doesn’t start, has dents or bigger physical damage, or has survived hail or a fire.


SA Recycling

SA Recycling started its own program called Street Cars, which takes old vehicles, whether they work or not, and tows them away. You only need to have proof that you own the car, and its body needs to be relatively undamaged, then SA Recycling will offer you money for the car.


Who Gives a Scrap Metal Recycling

Tempe’s Who Gives a Scrap is serious about scrap metal. You can offload your old car and its batteries; the company will even come out to you with a tow truck to haul your vehicle away. Besides that, if you have any leftover air conditioning window units, appliances, old office equipment, water heaters, pool fences, computers or car engine parts, feel free to get rid of these, too, while you’re at it.


Auto Salvage Company

Auto Salvage Company in Phoenix is a good resource for selling old cars and for picking up spare parts. To sell, just get in touch via the website and share a few pictures of your vehicle. Someone from Auto Salvage Company will then send you a quote. If you accept, they will buy the car, pick it up, then salvage or recycle its scrap metal.


Eagle Auto & Truck Parts

Another place that lets you both buy and sell car parts, Eagle Auto & Truck Parts in Phoenix works in association with URG Auto Parts, the Automotive Recyclers Association and the Arizona Automotive Recyclers Association. Send off your old car or truck by filling out your basic contact information as well as some info about your vehicle. Include photos of the car if you have them, too.

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Ogden’s aptly-named TearAPart also serves Salt Lake City residents. This company prides itself on its award-winning system that cleanly and completely removes any dangerous liquids from a car. With more than 30 years in the business, TearAPart does its part to stay environmentally-friendly.


Western Auto Wrecking

Salt Lake City’s Western Auto Wrecking claims to have the biggest inventory of used car parts you can find. You sell your car or its individual components to Western Auto Wrecking, which specifically seeks to alleviate the environmental burden of having to manufacture new car parts. “[R]educing this process wherever possible (such as providing a place for mechanics to get parts gently used) helps lighten everyone’s carbon footprint,” its site reads.


Junk Car Cash Out

Even if your car was manufactured in 1945, it’s quite likely that Junk Car Cash Out will come pick it up and give you some money for the scraps. The better the vehicle’s condition, the more dough you can make from this Salt Lake City business. The car parts then go toward the more than 9 million tons of aluminum and copper and the 70 million tons of metal and iron that Utah



Cheyenne Auto & Metal

One of the best-known auto recyclers in all of Wyoming, Cheyenne Auto & Metal lets you hand over your non-ferrous and ferrous metals to its dedicated staff. Bring your car over to the store’s yard and weigh it, and from there you can park it and forget about it. If the car won’t start, you can get the vehicle towed to the yard.


Wyoming Steel & Recycling Iron & Metals Inc.

In Mills, Wyoming Steel & Recycling Iron & Metals Inc. takes that rusty scrap metal, smoothes it down and rolls it into industrial pipes. You can drop off your whole car here, but you have to take out any batteries, drain leftover fluids and remove the gas tank. Then, Wyoming Steel can put cash in your hand. You might also want to bring in any broken appliances, stacks of magazines and newspapers, cardboard boxes, or any metals (tin, aluminum, brass and copper) you have lying around.


Gillette Metal Recycling

Another huge metal recycler, Gillette Metal Recycling understands the unfortunate reality of how metal will just sit in a landfill forever, unable to biodegrade into something the earth can use. Do the environment a favor then and head over to Gillette’s salvage yard with your scrap metal. Aluminum and steel parts are accepted, and you’ll be paid for both.


Old Junk Car

It’s not always easy for some Wyoming residents to find a good salvage yard near them, which means getting rid of an aging car can be expensive. This is where Old Junk Car steps in. The company serves the entire US, and Wyoming residents can call their local branch. A representative will then come out and move your vehicle, and of course there’s some compensation involved.


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