60 People on Twitter Who Will Turn Anyone Into a Racing Fan

Brad KeselowskiCasey MearsChris IngramDaniel Mc KennaDario FranchittiDarrell Wallace JrDavid GililandEmerson FittipaldiGarrett JonesGuy WilksJimmie JohnsonJohn RowanJustin WilsonKenny WallaceMarco AndrettiMichael WaltripMichele BumgarnerMickey RyanMike SkinnerMikhail AleshinMolly TaylorPippa MannRomain GrosjeanSam SunderlandScott DixonTodd BodineTom CoronelTorstein EriksenCathy KightlingerDarian GrubbGavin WardJimmy ElledgeJon EdwardsJulien SCLaura SLuke LambertMike CalinoffMike DavisPaul HarrisPaul McEvoyRachel CaversSlugger LabbeSteve LetarteAndrew BensonBen ConstandurosBob PockrassDavid CushnanDavid EvansIan ParkesJayskisJeff GluckJeff PapponeJenna FryerJennie GowJim UtterKevin EasonMarc PriestlyNate RyanPhil ParsonsWill Buxton

For fans of motorsports, it’s hard to explain to other people (significant others, co-workers, etc.) why we like racing. To them, it looks like we’re just watching a bunch of cars do laps around ovals or amorphous tracks. Cars don’t have have personalities the casual viewer can latch onto.

Enter Twitter.

Now, drivers and crewmembers can share their personalities with the world — and some of those people are among the funniest, most caring, most generous, most awesome people in all of sports.

Below are the 60 best such examples, broken down into three groups. Of course, drivers from NASCAR, F1, IndyCar, rally and other motorsports made the list. We also included crewmembers such as mechanics, team PR people and owners to get a perspective of what it takes to support these cars and drivers. Finally, we also rounded up some of the best media folks who live and breathe the sports they cover.

Show this list to anyone who says, “I don’t understand how you can watch this stuff.” Introduce them to some of the most entertaining people in motorsports. The people on this list could make a racing fan out of anyone.



Brad Keselowski, @keselowski
Casey Mears, @CJMearsGang
Chris Ingram, @1ChrisIngram
Daniel Mc Kenna, @DMKMotorsport
Daniel Ricciardo, @danielricciardo
Dario Franchitti, @dariofranchitti
Darrell Wallace Jr., @BubbaWallace
David Gilliland, @DavidGilliland
Emerson Fittipaldi, @emmofittipaldi
Garrett Jones, @GarrettJones88
Guy Wilks, @GuyWilks
Jimmie Johnson, @jimmiejohnson
John Rowan, @johnrowan86
Justin Wilson, @justin_wilson
Kenny Wallace, @Kenny_Wallace
Marco Andretti, @MarcoAndretti
Michael Waltrip, @mw55
Michele Bumgarner, @MicheleBum
Mickey Ryan, @milehighmick
Mike Skinner, @MSTheGunslinger
Mikhail Aleshin, @mikhailaleshin
Molly Taylor, @MollyRally
Pippa Mann, @PippaMann
Romain Grosjean, @RGrosjean
Sam Sunderland, @Sundersam
Scott Dixon, @scottdixon9
Todd Bodine, @Team_Onion
Tom Coronel, @TomCoronel
Torstein Eriksen, @TorsteinEriksen


Staff and Crew

Cathy Kightlinger, @CKightlinger
Darian Grubb, @dariangrubb
Gavin Ward, @gdubf1
Jimmy Elledge, https://twitter.com/jelledge81
Jon Edwards, @JonEdwards24
Julien SC, @julien_sc
Laura S.,@Hendrick88Team
Luke Lambert, @LukeLambertCC
Mike Calinoff, @mikecalinoff
Mike Davis, @MikeDavis88
Paul Harris, @pigslips
Paul McEvoy, @pau1mc
Rachel Cavers, @rachelcavers
Slugger Labbe, @SluggerLabbe
Steve Letarte, @SteveLetarte



Andrew Benson, @andrewbensonf1
Ben Constanduros, @BenConsty
Bob Pockrass, @bobpockrass
David Cushnan, @DavidCushnan
David Evans, @davidevansrally
Ian Parkes, @ianparkesf1
Jayski’s, @jayski_nascar
Jeff Gluck, @jeff_gluck
Jeff Pappone, @jpappone
Jenna Fryer, @JennaFryer
Jennie Gow, @JennieGow
Jim Utter, @jim_utter
Kevin Eason, @easonF1
Marc Priestley, @f1elvis
Nate Ryan, @nateryan
Phil Parsons, @philparsons98
Will Buxton, @willbuxton