Customer Testimonial: Susan

I lost my husband Mike on March 5, 2015. He had just turned 70. He was in great shape and celebrating his extended birthday with our son, Scott, in Anchorage, Alaska when he suffered a massive heart attack while mountain biking. I’m lost without him!

As I go forward trying to find “normal” I have to deal with the day-to-day stuff that life dishes out. Mike was my driver! It was something like “Driving Miss Daisy.” Now that I don’t have Mike to drive me, I must either stay home, or find the confidence to drive myself. My first road trip as a widow will be to visit my grandkids in Bozeman, MT. We will camp at Glacier over the 4th. First I must get myself to Bozeman.

I thought what would Mike do? He’d take our Nissan truck to Independent Motors for a pre-trip inspection and make sure the oil was ok, etc. So I called to schedule an appointment to have our truck looked over. Independent Motors came highly recommended to us by Hoshi Motors! I trusted I would be treated well, and have confidence I could drive to Bozeman but want to make sure all is in good running order. The last thing I need is to break down in the middle of Wyoming with no cell service.

I called to schedule an appointment and not only did they assure me they would run a thorough pre-trip inspection, the employee, Sean, who took my call that day, took the time to comfort me. I explained I lost my husband in March, he always took care of our vehicles, and now I needed to take charge. Sean took the time that day to offer me solace and assure me he’d make sure our truck was in good order.

It’s not every day you can call your auto shop and get the kind of service I received. Independent Motors went out of their way to take care of me, not just my truck!

I was treated as if I was a part of the Independent Motors family! I can highly recommend this business as not just an entity, but a group of people who care!