Everybody Wave! 18 Bookmark-Worthy Jeep Blogs, Forums, Pages and Podcasts


Originally a military vehicle for the U.S. Army in World War II, the Jeep has evolved to become part of the American way of life at home, too. With its go-anywhere legacy, it’s a favorite off-road vehicle, used by professional drivers as well as campers and adventurers, some of whom risk their lives on drives such as Black Bear Road.

We’re Jeep fans ourselves, and we had fun putting together some of the best resources where people come together to talk tech and builds, swap survival stories, and share pictures and videos. Choose your own new favorite from the 18 Jeep blogs, podcasts, Facebook pages and forums listed below; they’re all populated by fellow fans of everything Jeep.

And these fans respect the Jeep wave tradition:


Jeep Blogs


Texan Larry Morton, owner of 4-The-Love-of-Jeeps, says he’s had more fun off-roading, especially in Jeeps, than just about any other hobby or sport he’s done. That love of the vehicle shows in his stories about his father’s 1959 Willys CJ5, and when he does a before-and-after look at his 1979 CJG Golden Eagle build.


The Jeep Blog

The Jeep Blog is the official blog for Jeep. Scroll over the images to see the article titles and click to read. The blog is divided into sections including news and events, adventures, and heritage — the last one is where you’ll find quizzes on old-time models such as the Willys Jeepster.



For off-road adventures by a Jeep enthusiast driving legendary Jeeps, the Likes2Jeep blog is for you. Look for stories, photos and videos. Recent entries showcase the Chilcotin area in Canada’s British Columbia, where the men in Jeeps explored above tree-level terrain and said the scenery was spectacular.


Jeep 4X4 Center

Frequently updated, this blog is courtesy of Florida-based supplier of Jeep parts and accessories. Categories include events and news, including a recent item about the $100,000 Floyd Mayweather spent to outfit his Jeep Wrangler.


Kaiser Willys

A family-owned business in South Carolina, Kaiser Willys offers parts and accessories for all vintage Willy Jeep vehicles. The blog is a place to find photos, history and even technical advice for restoration projects on Willys Jeeps. Also, check out their “Build Your Willys” tutorial videos.



With nearly 50 years in the aftermarket business of manufacturing fender flares and trail armor for Jeeps, this Portland-based company knows its vehicles. The Bushwacker blog includes posts about events, truck reviews, and gear-related articles (for anyone curious to know the difference between pocket style and boss pocket style fender flares).

jeep in snow


Jeep Forums


The Jeep Wrangler Forum is the place to go when you are thinking of buying a Wrangler, or if you need technical support on your Jeep. Forums are separated by production years (each one with a section for pics), and there is one general forum for anything Jeep.



With nearly a half million members, the JeepForum is a very active site where users discuss everything from the use of square headlights in Jurassic World to tech issues such as inexplicable shimmies and clocking speedometer gear.



If you’re a Jeep Patriot fan, you can join the nearly 27,000 members of this forum and join conversations about builds, your own adventures, or even on engines and drivetrains.



People from all over join the Cherokee forum to talk about their favorite Jeep. Geographic categories include “Meets and Rides” sub-forums, where you can look for like-wheeled folks to ride with. Tech discussions are always busy, and with some 106,000 members (and their 3 million posts), any question you might have on XJ stock or maintenance should be answered quickly.


Jeeps Unlimited

Sponsored by 4WheelDrive, the Jeeps Unlimited forum includes categories for vintage Jeeps as well as those for specific models, including CJ, Wrangler and Grand Cherokee. At the time of writing, it was the Grand Cherokee category that was busiest.


JK Forum

The JK Forum, where members own or are fans of the Jeep Wrangler model known as JK, successor to TJ. (You can read the model’s full history at Offroaders). There are monthly contests and giveaways, threads on in-house builds and projects, and member video creations to both inspire and create envy.


Jeeps on Facebook


The JeepWorld website has been online since 1997, offering Jeep accessories, parts and merchandise. Their Facebook page highlights Jeep-related news and reviews (with lots of photos).



Making Jeep owners happy is the goal of this site, which carries cool stuff for Jeeps and their owners, including clothes, tires covers, gear and accessories. The AllThingsJeep page on Facebook has 111k Likes and includes photos uploaded by fans, vintage photos and vintage ads every Throwback Thursday.


Jeep People

An official Jeep page, Jeep People on Facebook posts Jeep-related photo galleries, articles and videos, mostly bringing events such as the Montreux Jazz Festival and Camp Jeep 2015 to life. Sometimes they tell stories, such as the one about Bruno Tinelli, Jeep collector and founder of the most important Jeep brand event in Europe: the Jeepers Meeting.


Girls in Jeeps

There’s something about girls in Jeeps, and about 33k people on Facebook think so, too. From posters and images of girls and their Jeeps, to raising awareness for events such as the Crawling For a Cure Jeep run (a breast cancer fundraiser), Girls in Jeeps both looks good and does good.


Jeep Podcasts

Jeep Talk Show

The place to be when you’re not off-roading, this Jeep podcast is hosted by three Jeep owners, Josh, Tammy and Tony. They bring you news and reviews, interviews, tips, and adventure stories about the Jeep Cherokee and Wrangler.


The 4X4 Podcast

All about off-roading, The 4X4 Podcast gives you news, interviews with professional drivers as well as weekend warrior drivers, land access discussions, and more. As many off-roaders drive Jeeps, a lot of the material covered is Jeep-related. In fact, one of the hosts, Craig, drives a 1989 Jeep Wrangler; Dan, the other host, says one of his rigs is a 1999 Jeep XJ. Check out the iTunes page for a full index of episodes.

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