We’ve been working on Lexus vehicles for over 20 years. Specializing in Lexus was an obvious fit for Independent Motors because of our vast experience repairing and maintaining Toyotas. Lexus is Toyota’s luxury division, and until 2013 both companies shared many of the same components such as engines and transmissions.

All told, we have more than 225 years of collective professional automotive repair experience plus an arsenal of diagnostic tools to make sure your Lexus performs safely and reliably.

From F Performance and hybrid models to SUVs and sedans, Lexus cars are known to be luxury vehicles; they earned that reputation in 1989 with the debut of the first LS 400 at the Detroit auto show. Some of us here at Independent Motors have been mechanics longer than Lexus has existed, and we’ve been working on their cars since day one.

So, whatever model you’ve got — whether it’s the Lexus New RC, the Lexus CT, the Lexus New RC F, the Lexus LS, the Lexus HS, the Lexus New GS F, the Lexus GS, the Lexus New NX, the Lexus LFA, the Lexus ES, the Lexus RX, the Lexus IS F, the Lexus IS, the Lexus GX, the Lexus IS C, or the Lexus LX — we have 30 years of experience with Lexus repair and maintaining Lexus vehicles. And we’d also be happy to take a look at any Lexus concept car you care to bring by.

Lexus Cars: Luxury, Top Performance and Sugarcane

Premium vehicles that look refined and are extremely comfortable to drive are great. When the performance matches the deluxe appearance and feel, then you’ve really got something special. Without fail, Lexus cars perform well, with powerful and nearly silent engines and excellent fuel efficiency.

Can it get any better?

Apparently so. In Lexus Drivers, Clark Heideger gives an example of the biodegradable, plant-based eco-materials used by Lexus in its manufacturing process: Sugarcane.

And this is in addition to those models already using “soy-based seat materials or kenaf-fiber interior components.” Heideger quotes Paul Williamsen, National Manager of the Lexus College, who makes it clear as to how these materials are used: “We’re not talking about weaving a shirt out of hemp,” he says. “The end product is not a plant product. It’s a plastic, with all of a plastic’s performance characteristics.”

Award-Winning Lexus Resale Value

The resale value of a Lexus vehicle is undeniable. In fact, Kelley Blue Book has once again given Lexus the Best Resale Value status, saying: “Unofficially, Lexus has created a Best Resale Value dynasty. Four straight years as our Best Luxury Brand when it comes to holding resale value over time is an unprecedented achievement, one that should should inject a full measure of legitimate overconfidence in buyers.”



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