Life’s Better in a Nissan: 24 Nissan Blogs to Check Out

nissan skyline

Call us a little biased, but we’re big Nissan fans.

Back in 1983, Bill opened the shop that would later be named Independent Motors — but for those first two years, the focus was Nissans and Datsuns. Since then, Nissan has gone on to create one of the most legendary sports cars of the ‘90s, one of the leading premium makes (Infiniti), and two of the best-selling sedans in America.

For all you other Nissan owners and fans out there, we’ve found 24 fantastic blogs dedicated to the Skyline, Infinitis and other Nissan vehicles.


Nissan Skyline and GT-R Blogs

Whether you prefer the original Skyline GT-R or the upgraded 2×2 version, writes about them all. Read about the different generations of the G-TR; review the buyer’s guide for them; and then scroll through the rest of the blog for the latest news, reviews and other headlines about this beloved Nissan model. Posts are somewhat infrequent, but with videos and a comprehensive collection of all things GT-R, this site is a great resource.


Middletown Nissan

Based in Middletown, Connecticut, Middletown Nissan sells used and new Nissans and the parts you need for them. When the GT-R is in the news, you can bet that this blog is covering it. Dig back through a few years’ worth of archives or learn all about the brand-new 2016 Nissan GT-R with a video that Autotrader made outlining all the reasons that this fantastic vehicle should be on your wish list.


Japan Partner Blog

Japan Partner Inc., a used vehicle resource, covers Nissan extensively on its website and blog. Check out breathtaking photo shoots of your favorite Nissan Skylines and then learn more about buying a used Skyline of your own right on the site.


One Man’s Lonely Adventures In His R33 Skyline GT-R

The owner of the blog One Lonely Man’s Adventures In His R33 Skyline GT-R has been a car fan his entire life. He explains what led him to the Skyline GT-R:

“But being in the US, [I] never could buy a Skyline GT-R, as they were not sold here. Hence when I came to Japan, after learning how to drive on the wrong side of the road in a hand-me-down Honda Civic, I traded up to my 1997 Skyline GT-R…That was in June 2005. This blog started when I first began to get serious about modifying and improving the car.”

You can learn more about modifications that you can do yourself by reading his insightful posts.



If you’re into modifications or doing your own car repairs, then the GT-R USA Blog is a great accompaniment to the Skyline blog above. This one can teach you how to change out your car’s oil coolers, complete with illustrations and other helpful pictures. If you just like looking at awesome cars, don’t worry: This blog has plenty of pictures to satiate that craving.

white infiniti scenery


Infiniti Blogs


The NICO Club (short for Nissan Infiniti Car Owners) has forums dedicated to Datsuns, SUVs, trucks, Infinitis and other Nissans. While you can and should click around and make new pals over the Internet who share your love and knowledge of these vehicles, the homepage is a good resource for Infiniti news. Read interviews with builders who make car parts, scope out reviews for the latest vehicle products, or learn more about an Infiniti if you’re thinking of buying one.


Infiniti Blogger

The aptly-named Infiniti Blogger calls itself “the best place for the latest Infiniti news.” There’s an up-to-date list of auto dealers (although just in Washington), an inventory list, and of course pictures and in-depth posts about the latest Infinitis coming down the pike. The featured dealer post can help you find the Infiniti that you just read about on the blog.


Berman’s Auto Blog

Infinitis are covered on Berman’s Auto Blog, but the writers here also have a love Subarus and Nissans (sound familiar?). This dealership writes about Chicago events while introducing new and used Infinitis to tantalize potential buyers. You can even browse through the available inventory online if you’re thinking of purchasing one of these fantastic cars.


Autoblog Infiniti

Many of you probably already use Autoblog for doing preliminary research when buying a new car. Make sure to check out the site’s page on Infinitis, which, while it does feature specs of the latest cars, also posts photos, videos and news. As you read a post, you can see a listing of new and used Infinitis near you on the side of the page.

infiniti q70 hybrid


Gray-Daniels Nissan Brandon

A Nissan dealership in Brandon, Missouri, the Gray-Daniels Nissan Brandon blog is perfect for shoppers in the area who are interested in finding the best Infiniti for them. Browse through posts, each with a video, that include descriptions of the used cars for sale.


Sawgrass Infiniti

Another dealership, this one located in Tamarac, Florida, Sawgrass Infiniti is a useful blog to have in your bookmarks even if you don’t live anywhere near Florida. While some posts are dealership-centric, others cover the latest auto shows and which Infinitis were on display there. If you’re in the market for your first car, you can even learn about how your credit score impacts your ability to buy a vehicle.


Bonita Springs Infiniti

This South Florida Florida Infiniti dealership is based in Tamiami, but the Bonita Springs Infiniti blog is more than just listing after listing of available Infinitis. You can also check out the coolest, must-have accessories you need for your car as a new Infiniti owner. If you do happen to live near Florida, don’t miss the post about the best coastal drives that will make you feel like king or queen of the world.


Pepe Infiniti Blog

Of course, when you buy a new car, if you haven’t driven an Infiniti before, there’s a period of adjustment. Let the Pepe Infiniti Blog in New York help you get through those first transitional days with ease. You can learn how to change out your car key’s battery, how to use the navigation system (complete with videos) and how to sync up your HomeLink receiver to your Infiniti.

nissan steering wheel


Other Nissan Blogs

Renault Nissan

This is the official blog of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, a partnership between Japanese automaker Nissan and French automaker Renault. The site breaks down its news according to categories like partnerships, emerging markets and sustainability.


Briggs Nissan

Retailing such Nissan vehicles as the Versa, Rogue, Pathfinder, Leaf, Juke, Frontier, Cube and Altima, Briggs Nissan in Manhattan, Kansas, has a renowned blog that Nissan lovers will thoroughly enjoy. As the year ends and the car manufacturer racks up awards for safety and engine superiority, you hear about it here first. Some of the posts are Kansas-centric, but generally, anyone who’s a fan of Nissans can find something great in this blog.


Robbins Nissan Blog

The writers of the blog for the Robbins Nissan dealership in Humble, Texas, are really pumped right now about the 2016 Nissan Titan and the various engines you can choose for it. If you want to read more about the color studio for the Juke or discover the perks of the Nissan app, the posts here dive into these topics and more.


Peruzzi Nissan

With new and used cars in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, Peruzzi Nissan is another must-see blog for first-time Nissan owners. Make sure you’re keeping up with maintenance by reading the post that includes a detailed to-do list. If you’re torn between getting a brand new car or one from 2015, another post highlights the major differences between the 2015 and 2016 Rogue. Compare the amount of cargo space, MPG and the fuel economy.


Continental Nissan Blog

Buying a new car is quite an investment, so it helps to do your research and know what you’re getting yourself into. Enter Continental Nissan Blog, which outlines the price of upcoming 2016 vehicles, the release dates for these cars, their specs and their safety ratings. There’s no need to second-guess your decision when you’re this well-informed.  


Ardmore Nissan

This retailer may cater to those in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, but the Ardmore Nissan blog is for any Nissan lover out there. The posts are written from the angle that owning a Nissan will simplify your life, and, if you purchase a newer model with electric power steering and tire alerts, you’ll find that this car will make things better. There’s even a helpful post about receiving auto services for your car.

white nissan altima



Inhabitat includes cars in its topics of focus, but only smart e-cars. Nissan plans on producing an extended-range version of the Leaf next year, and you can learn all about it here. The vehicle is estimated to be able to travel more than 100 miles before you need to recharge its battery.


Younger Nissan

A Nissan dealership in Frederick, Maryland, Younger Nissan is also a fan of the Leaf, and the blog’s writers are partial to the Titan and the Versa. Both of those vehicles have detailed research pages that the staff at Younger Nissan have put together. All features of the car are summarized, and, if you happen to live in the area, you can book a test drive online after you’re done reading.


Boardman Nissan

Although Boardman Nissan serves customers in Boardman, Ohio, on a regular basis, its blog is full of general knowhow for readers anywhere who want to dig deeper into the safety and environmental benefits of driving a Nissan. Don’t feel torn between two models when you can review the post that pits the Sentra against the Versa. That ought to help make the decision a bit easier for you.


Belleville Nissan

The colorful Big Dave Johnson is in charge of the blog for Belleville Nissan in Ontario, Canada. He personally writes the in-depth guides and personal reviews of the latest Nissan cars, having tested them out himself. Some models he’s written about include the 2015 Versa Note SV, the 2015 Sentra SV and the 2015 Pathfinder Platinum.


Six Speed Blog

If you prefer that kind of personal writing from car aficionados who share their own experiences from behind the wheel of Nissan cars, then Six Speed Blog will be another compelling read. Although there aren’t a ton of posts, the ones that are available have had a lot of time and love put into them. Each post also has a huge gallery of pictures of the various Nissans from nearly every conceivable angle.


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