Bill Bender Owner

Bill Bender was one of the first 100 certified Nissan Master Technicians in the US. After working in garages from Key West to San Diego he started Independent Motors in 1983. Bill loves to travel and enjoys talking to almost anyone, including aliens.

Tony Madrigal Nissan Master Technician

Tony Madrigal was born & raised in Boulder. He started as a mechanic in 1969 and was one of the first 100 certified Nissan Master Technician technicians in the US. Our senior employee, he has been with us since 1984! Tony enjoys traveling and music.

Matt Crawford Service Writer

Matt Crawford has been a service writer and manager for 15 years. He is an Audi enthusiast. Matt’s lifelong love of downhill mountain biking and dirt jumping has led to many broken body parts. An ex-bodybuilder, Matt loves to work out with his son.

Mark Steele Parts Manager

Mark Steele is our Parts Manager. He got the car bug from his grandfather who was a stock car racer, wrecker driver, and mechanic. Mark enjoys time with his family and likes to camp, hike, and golf. Mark has been known to go fishing on his lunch break.

Jason Patton Shop Foreman

Jason Patton is a former Army Ranger and our Shop Foreman. He went to WyoTech Auto trade school on the GI Bill. He moved to Colorado for rock climbing and became an avid mountain biker. Jason rides to work every day and volunteers at Community Cycles.

Jason Gibney Technician

Jason Gibney has worked on Jeeps for 25 years. He has designed, fabricated, and raced 4×4 vehicles as a pro. Many of his custom rigs are still being copied. He enjoys pushing the envelope on long scenic trails and learns by “going out and breaking them.”

Chris Albright Mechanic and Welder

Chris Albright has been working on cars since1998. He works on many different makes and specializes in Subarus. Chris is a single dad, a professional welder, and a Semi Pro skate boarder.

Dan Harrison Lube and Alignment Technician

Dan Harrison has been working on cars since his teens. After working on Toyotas at a dealership he’s now our lube and alignment tech. Dan enjoys rock climbing and action sports. When he moved to Boulder he became an avid cyclist–he doesn’t even own a car!

James Mings Parts Specialist

James Mings developed an interest in cars during his childhood in Japan. He has been a parts specialist since 1989 and is widely known by many local independent garages. James enjoys music and traveling.