Monday – Friday: 7:30am – 5:30pm

5440 Arapahoe Ave, Unit A, Boulder, CO 80303

Monday – Friday: 7:30am – 5:30pm

5440 Arapahoe Ave, Unit A, Boulder, CO 80303

Preventative Auto Maintenance in Boulder, CO

Why Choose Us for Your Automobile’s Recommended Maintenance?

It’s important to keep up on your automotive manufacturer’s recommend maintenance schedules. Not doing so can lead to break-downs when least expected or wanted. So, it makes sense to have only very experienced technicians perform your maintenance.

Since 1983, Independent Motors has performed thousands of recommended maintenance schedules for vehicle owners living in and near Boulder, CO.

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Independent Mototors Auto Repair Shop

Highly Experienced Technicians and best quality parts for the money

At Independent Motors, your manufacturers recommend maintenance schedules are only performed by our ASE certified automobile technicians who have over 75 combined years of experience. After 38 years in business, we know what the best quality parts are for the least amount of money for your specific make and model.

Do you have manufacturers recommended maintenance questions?

A: Yes, they are. They are the first and most often maintenance to be included in the service intervals. Fortunately, oil changes don’t cost much compared to other maintenance and repair issues, but they are the most important service to do. If your oil becomes extremely contaminated or low, it can cause your engine to fail.

A: Many manufacturers stopped recommending time and mileage intervals to replace transmission and differential fluids. They have gone to “inspect and replace as necessary”. Because replacing a transmission or differential is very costly, it’s very important to inspect and replace their fluids as needed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Some manufacturers have even gone to “lifetime fluids”. Never replacing these “lifetime fluids” can destroy the transmission, hence becoming self-fulfilling prophecy when it’s too costly to replace them!
A: Back in the 80s many vehicles stopped using timing chains and went to belts. Unlike steel chains that were supposed to last the life of the vehicle, the rubber and fiberglass belts’ recommended replacement interval was every 60,000 miles. Modern vehicles’ timing belts can now last up to 120,000. In addition, many vehicles have gone back to using chains again. When a timing belt breaks it can cause a lot of engine damage, so it’s important to keep up on the recommended replacement interval.
A: No, they don’t. Some manufacturers use different levels of services for their intervals so it’s important to find out exactly what is included in the service.

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We do preventative auto maintenance for Boulder County, Longmont, Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, Niwot and Nederland, Colorado.