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Mini Cooper Repair: How to Replace the Side Mirror of a 2001-2006 Model

MiniCooper hood emblem -- how to repair the side mirror

This repair takes about 10-20 minutes. It is not very complicated and does not need much in the way of tools.

Tools you need for this Mini Cooper repair are:

  • Allen wrenches
  • Small flat head screwdriver (optional).

Note: The repair steps are provided in three groups, a, b, and c, depending how much of the mirror you want to replace. You can jump down to the b or c sections if you just want to switch out the cap or the mirror glass.

a. How to replace your complete Mini Cooper’s side mirror

1.) Take the current side mirror off your car. To do so, you want to expose three Allen screws that connect the door and mirror, which you can achieve by rotating the base of the mirror’s assembly. Using an Allen wrench, unscrew the three screws and detach the mirror from the car. Be sure you leave behind the rubber gasket, though. You will also need to remove the connectors that go to heated or power mirrors from the old mirror and the door.

2.) Put your new side mirror onto the car. Attach the new side mirror to your Mini Cooper’s wire connector. The connector runs into a plastic tab within the door. Be certain the tab is positioned in the direction of the car’s exterior. Uncover the Mini Cooper’s screw holes by pivoting the mirror at its base. Place the mirror so that it is covering the rubber seal. Grab the three Allen screws again. Screw them in. Finally, rotate the mirror back into its final position.

b. How to change only the glass of your side mirror

You can just use your hands, with no need for additional tools, if you only want to switch out the glass; however, a small flathead screwdriver can sometimes make the process easier. To proceed, press on your Mini Cooper’s mirror at its upper edge, applying significant pressure. Put your fingers beneath the mirror’s lower edge, which now protrudes. Pull toward you until you can feel the release of the clips. When you only need to change the glass, you can detach the heated mirror from the electrical connector, and the new glass should snap into position. When you are also changing the Mini Cooper’s cap, put this glass in a safe place so that it does not get broken.

c. How to replace just the caps of your Mini Cooper’s side mirror

To change the outside caps of your Mini Cooper’s side mirror, you just need to disconnect them from the five clips that hold the caps to the mirror assembly. You want to start with the bottom two clips, using two fingers to release them. Then you want to release the top three. You should now be able to release the cap. As indicated by Brett Foote of North American Motoring, you can use a knife or other small tool if you are having difficulty getting the cap to release. “[B]ut be very careful because they are very fragile and prone to breaking,” she added. When you have the old cover removed, position the new cover, verifying that all five clips snap into position. Finally, push back on the glass of the mirror until it snaps into its position as well.

Mini Cooper News

Now that we have completed the technical discussion of the repair, we can turn to trendier business, recent news items related to the carmaker that might interest you as a Mini Cooper owner:

  • One-of-a-kind Mini Cooper stars at royal wedding
  • Portugal gathering of Mini lovers will mark four decades of the event

One-of-a-kind Mini Cooper stars at royal wedding

The Mini Cooper can be more than just a car to help you get around town. It is also stylish enough that it can serve as a fashionable gift, even to royalty – as indicated by the Mini that was given to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The unique automobile did not appear at the couple’s reception, though. Rather, it was sent to a nonprofit selected by the couple; that organization will, in turn, sell it at auction.

The standard Mini Cooper 2-Door was taken by the designers at the automaker and adapted. They added a bespoke interior and roof graphic, highlights of which were specially chosen embroidery and 3D-printed features. The concept that inspired the manually applied roof graphic is a blend of the Stars & Stripes and the Union Jack – mixing the national backgrounds of the bride and groom. Additionally, “Just Married” is projected onto the ground from the car when the doors are opened. The side scuttles, chrome finish, and other granular aspects of the car’s detailing are custom-designed for this special moment as well.

The “satellite grey” leather interior is another key feature that contrasts nicely with the “crystal white” color of the car’s main body paint. A slender strip provides the date of the wedding, as well as the names of the bride and groom. The door cards contain accents that harmonize with the hues of the graphic on the Mini Cooper’s roof. This particular car will only be made by Mini Cooper once, but you can customize your own vehicle to resemble the royal wedding car using the official customization platform, Mini Yours. You can include 3D-printed components with that design if you want.

As noted above, the car is being handed off by the marrying couple to a cause: the Children’s HIV Association, where it will be sent after the couple’s wedding on May 19. Assumedly the car will get a great price at auction given the amount of publicity this regifting has produced.

Portugal gathering of Mini lovers will mark four decades of the event

Portugal hosted hundreds of Mini lovers from around the world when lovers of the automaker held the 40th yearly International Mini Meeting (IMM) there. This year was the first time the event has taken place in the European nation. Slotted for the 17th through the 21st of May by the Clube Mini de Portuga, the IMM was held on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 62 miles south of Porto in Praia de Mira.

Each day of the IMM was focused on one of the cars made by the automaker. One car that was spotlighted was the Mini Moke, for instance. The Mini Van and Mini Clubman were also given their own dedicated days.

Another car that was given special attention was the Mini Cooper S, which is a performance-driven version of the car that has been around for 55 years. When this version of the car was introduced, it both increased the quality of the brakes and gave the car twice the power.

Honest Mini Cooper repair in Boulder

Mini Cooper has proven that it has the refined approach to appear in the headlines with the royal couple, and the International Mini Meetings continue to draw attention. The Mini Cooper is about substance of course, not just style – and its incredible drivability must be safeguarded. At Independent Motors, we believe great service starts with honest communication, and we want your business for the long haul. See Our Mini Cooper Repair philosophy.