Monday – Friday: 7:30am – 5:30pm

5440 Arapahoe Ave, Unit A, Boulder, CO 80303

Monday – Friday: 7:30am – 5:30pm

5440 Arapahoe Ave, Unit A, Boulder, CO 80303

Steering & Suspension Repair Service in Boulder, CO

Why Choose Us for Your Steering & Suspension Needs?

Along with brakes, the steering and suspension components are the most important parts on your vehicle. Without them you would not be reading this page. So, it makes sense to have only the most experienced technicians perform these repairs. Since 1983 Independent Motors has performed thousands of steering & suspension repairs in Boulder and beyond.

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Independent Mototors Auto Repair Shop

Highly Experienced Technicians

At Independent Motors, steering and suspension repairs are only performed by our ASE certified automobile technicians who have over 75 combined years of experience. Our technicians are in a different league then the far less experienced mechanics at other shops and all the chain stores who do steering and suspension repairs.

In order to perform a correct wheel alignment, all the steering components have to be in good working order. So, we perform a through steering and suspension inspection as part of our alignments.

If not inspected steering and suspension components are easy to overlook and ignore. Many times, we’ve had other shops use us to align their customer’s vehicles only to find that we couldn’t do it because one of the suspension components, like a ball joint, were severely worn.

On too many occasions, we’ve seen vehicles come in with such worn steering and suspension components that we told the owner their vehicle is not safe to drive until the failed part was replaced.

Do you have steering and suspension repair questions?

A: Many clunking noises are caused by worn steering and suspension components. Failure to properly diagnose and repair these can lead to disastrous circumstances. We at Independent Motors will give you the straight scoop on whether you can wait or need to repair it now.
A: This can be caused by the wheels out of alignment, a tire problem or a worn steering and suspension part. Most often when the alignment is off it’s because of the toe is out of adjustment but often it’s also due to a worn tie rod, ball joint or damaged strut, which may need to be replaced before the alignment can properly be done.
A: Anytime you hear or feel a clunk over bumps or when turning. Or once a year on older vehicles.
A: As vehicles get old it’s not uncommon for shocks and or struts become worn. In a perfect world all parts would be replaced when worn, but due to the cost this is not always feasible.

Schedule an appointment at Independent Motors for us to give you a second opinion. We may agree they are worn but give you a different time frame as to when they have to be replaced.

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Steering and Suspension Diagnosis Services are available for Boulder County, Longmont, Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, Niwot and Nederland, Colorado.