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About your Volkswagen

Exceptional performance. Stylish functionality. Unbeatable safety. Your Volkswagen, “the people’s car,” is a reliable and award-winning vehicle with these best-selling models in the US: the Passat; the Beetle; and the Golf.

Since its 1946 creation in Germany, safety has been the hallmark of Volkswagen, making it ideal for navigating the rough and mountainous terrain and changing weather conditions in Boulder, Colorado. Blind-spot detection, active and passive safety devices (i.e. anti-lock brakes and anti-slip regulation, electronic stability control) and forward-collision warning are just some recognized VW safety features. In fact, the 2017 NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has given the VW Golf four-door the coveted 5 star safety rating.

Consumer reports have recommended the Rabbit/Golf as a solid vehicle with agile handling and the Jetta for its simple controls, great visibility, practical cargo storage and lots of power. Front, side and rollover-tested, the Jetta safety stats scored high on:
• roof strength
• rear impact protection
• side impact protection
• small overlap front tests
• moderate overlap front tests

Volkswagen’s are safe, luxurious and stylish

Synonymous with luxury and style, Volkswagen’s detailing, responsive handling, comfort and powerful turbo-charged engine have made it a perfect fit for Boulder’s active lifestyle. But even Volkswagen’s need some Tender Loving Care. And when the time comes for some VW TLC, we’re here for you.

Volkswagen repair beyond compare

At Independent Motors we regularly repair Volkswagen’s old, used and new. A Volkswagen is designed for safety, reliability and efficiency. We take pride in our specialized repair facility geared towards these VW models, years 1996+:

  • Beetle
  • Cabriolet
  • CC
  • EOS
  • Golf
  • GTI
  • Jetta
  • Passat
  • Rabbit
  • Routan
  • Tiguan
  • Touareg

To better serve the needs of our Boulder area customers, we’ve developed expert skills at maintaining the safety, mechanics, performance and durability of the entire line of Volkswagen vehicles. Here’s more to ease your mind:
• Our staff includes highly-skilled VW Master Mechanics.
• More than 225 years of combined vehicle and auto repair experience.
• State-of-the-art diagnostic tools to ensure optimal results.
• We commit to quality repairs by putting our words & actions into gear.

Common Volkswagen Repair Issues

Each Volkswagen has its own character, strengths and weaknesses. And while VW comes pretty close to perfect, we’ve become experts in making some of the most common and easily identifiable VW repairs:

  • Coolant leaks
  • Brake repairs & replacements
  • Axle repairs
  • In-take carbon build-up
  • Oil consumption
  • Suspension/Control Arms
  • Misfiring ignition coils

Volkswagen Repair Costs:

VW repairs can be costly. We help you cut costs by prioritizing repairs that need immediate attention versus ones that can wait, by sourcing the best parts for the money and by providing the best mechanics to work on your car. That’s what makes our prices VERY competitive.

Volkswagen Parts:

We generally use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts ONLY if they are cost-efficient. Otherwise, we’ll source an equally durable aftermarket part. We’ll help you save money this way!

VW advice needed?

Searching the Internet for likeminded Volkswagen vehicle owners like you? Need an opinion, some information or expert advice about a VW? We’ve got you covered. Take a peek at some VW links that may help:
Rocky Mountain Air-Cooled Volkswagen Club
Volkswagen Enthusiasts of Colorado
Colorado VW Bus Club

FAQs about your Volkswagen:

We know you like to be informed with accurate information when it comes to buying and owning a car. So when it comes to maintenance, you want to be sure your Volkswagen enters a reputable, knowledgeable and reliable auto repair shop. In Boulder, CO Independent Motors is backed by years of experience and specialized expertise to answer the most frequently asked questions about your Volkswagen:

Can I wait until 10k between oil changes?
We recommend an oil change every 5K. A small price to pay to protect your Volkswagen’s engine.

Why does my radio say safe after the battery is disconnected?
The radio’s theft deterrence is activated when power is lost. A code will have to be entered to restore function. This code is provided with the owner’s manual when the vehicle is purchased.

Why do I need to replace my brake rotors when I need brakes?
On German cars the brake rotors and pads wear together and are designed to be replaced at the same time for maximum braking performance.

Why are my brakes noisy on cold mornings?
The brakes can be noisy after sitting over night from condensation. The noise should stop once the car has been driven for a short distance. If the noise persists there may be an issue with the brakes that should be checked out asap.

Why is my check engine light on?
VW’s can potentially have one or many different trouble codes stored when the CEL comes on. That’s why we offer an initial free repair assessment by checking the stored codes and for any obvious under hood problems. If further diagnoses are required we have experienced mechanics and the best diagnostic equipment to ensure we address the problem the first time around.

How do I change the key fob battery in my Volkswagen?
Read our blog for everything you ever wanted to know about repairing and changing the key fob battery in your Volkswagen.

For the best in Volkswagen Repair in Boulder, CO call Independent Motors at (303) 449.8949. You’ll be glad you did!